Every Root Guitar is born of a collaboration between builder, player, and raw materials.

Root Guitar Works was founded out of a passion to create inspirational tools for musicians, and I have developed a distinct style that moves through all of my custom-built guitars. Your ideas are blended seamlessly into the Root aesthetic, producing an instrument that is tailored to your precise needs. It’s about look, play, sound, feel—and resonance—between player and instrument. 

The adventure of exploration. 

The satisfaction of helping guitarists express themselves.

The simple joy found in discovering a better way to do things.

These are a few of the things that lead me to work with people who love guitars as much as I do. As a luthier, I am honored to be part of your creative journey. 

-- Matt Martin


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Root Guitar Works Clients

Matt’s commitment to perfection coupled with personal style and taste has resulted in a fine instrument that is a work of art. The fact that I can create my art with it leaves me without the proper words to express my gratitude.
— Robert
I got exactly what I wanted, and Matt’s artistry is exceptional. The guitar is not only astonishing in beauty, but also sound and playability. I also own a Martin D-17 and a Taylor 815, and these lovely guitars are languishing in their cases. The tone and sound of Matt’s guitar is just better.
— Paul
I’m having a lot of fun playing this guitar. The high end is bright, the natural harmonics are super easy and ring clear, and I’m getting some great bell and piano tones on the low strings. Also, the sustain lasts forever. I’ve barely touched any of my other guitars since I got this one.
— Nathan